bug with the "Pause" button


I’ve got a problem with Audacity 2.0.5. when I record lyrics with a microphone on a instrumental song, there is a bug with the “Pause” Button that change randomly and without any action from me. have you any solution? i had already reinstalled the software

thank you for your help

Have you tried turning off Transport > Sound Activated Recording: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/transport_menu.html#sar ?

Should this be in the main Help part of the Forum? Are you French? What version of Windows or Mac do you have?


My guess is that you have enabled “Sound Activated Recording” (in the “Transport” menu. This feature is to make the recording pause automatically when the signal drops below the specified level. The setting is off (not selected) by default. Deselect (un-check) “Sound Activated Recording”.

Reinstalling Audacity is unlikely to fix anything unless you also select the option during installation to “Reset Preferences”. (The reset option is only available in the Windows installer version of Audacity).


thank you all for your answers, I switch off the option, and everything is ok now

I’m French, and i use Windows 7


If you can speak good English it is probably better to ask in the English Windows board unless you want to provide your question here in English and French and also translate the answer so that there is a version in both languages.