Bug with pasting over clips in 3.4.0?

Just noticed this problem in 3.4.0, which I switched to a few days ago. I’m using WIndows 11.

When I select a clip and paste a clip of the same length over it, a blank space of the length of the clip is inserted after the clip.

Here’s an example. Edited to add: I spent quite a while making screenshots to illustrate the whole process, but then when I clicked “Create Topic” I was told that as a new user I couldn’t include them, so use your imagination.

I make audiodramas (radio plays, only they’re for podcasts not radio.) My usual workflow is to build each scene as a separate project, then when I’m done with a scene, mix and render all its tracks together, and copy the mixed track into the ‘master’ project. The master project has two tracks so that the scenes can overlap each other slightly (one scene fades in just as the previous one fades out.)

Here’s part of my master project. Each clip is a whole scene. They all overlap slightly (most noticeably scene 1—the first clip in the top track—overlaps scene 2—the second clip in the bottom track [the short first clip is the intro music]—by quite a while because it plays out some music over the start of scene 2).

I want to tweak scene 3 (in a way that doesn’t change its length, so I make the changes in that project, then select all the tracks, “Mix and Render to New Track”, then select and copy the resulting track.

…select scene 3 in the master project (the length of the scene hasn’t changed)…

…and hit ctrl+V to paste the new version over it. Look what happens to the scene-05 clip to the right of where I’ve pasted. EDIT: You can’t, because I’m only allowed to post one image. “scene-05” and every clip to the right of it in the top track has moved, and now half the scenes in my project—all the clips in the top track to the right of scene-03—are out of sync by exactly 2m55.011s, which is the the length of scene 3.

As a workaround, I can instead delete scene 3 and then paste, which appears to work correctly, but it’s rather annoying.

Is this a bug, or some deliberate new behaviour I can switch off?

There was also a related behaviour I liked where, when I pasted one clip over a selected section of a track containing several clips, the newly pasted clip would now have splits where the boundaries of the old clips used to be, which could be very useful. This has stopped happening.

And I don’t know if this is deliberate, but I can no longer click a boundary to join clips together—I have to use Edit>Audio Clips>Join, although I was accidentally joining them while trying to do something else (I forget what), so there’s apparently supposed to be some quick way to do this? I couldn’t replicate it, though.

Yes, this was deliberate - it was causing problems for some users.

I suppose you could upload them somewhere else then post a link to them here.

OK; So I tried to replicate your issue. I Generated 7 audio clips, each exactly 1 minute long:

I then clicked in the title bar of the 7th clip (the silent one), and did Ctrl+C, copy. Then I clicked in the title bar of Audio 3, and did Ctrl+V, paste:

This seems to be working fine for me, so I imagine I am missing something.

Hi there - I experienced something similar. When I pasted a copied bit of room tone over a clip line, a gap appeared after the adjoining clip the same length as my pasted audio.


Or you can right-click in the waveform - and in the waveform context menu there is also a Join Clips command (slightly easier).

In the Full set of shortcuts (non-default) there is Ctrl+J (Cmd+J on Mac) shortcut for Join Clips. For 3.4.1 this is being moved to the Standard (default) set of shortcuts.

In the meantime you can create a custom shortcut for Join Clips in Keyboard preferences. Personally if I was doing clip joining a lot I would set a single-key shortcut for it.

And that’s one of the key reasons the the left-click join was removed, It also made it impossible to select at the join.


I am unable to reproduce this issue with the information provided.

Try creating 10 seconds of mono audio, grab 1 second of it, copy it, and then paste that one second in multiple places around the track - over other audio, over clip lines, insert it, put it right in the front… just keep pasting and I think you’ll see these gaps appear. As I mentioned, I see it happen when I paste over a clip line.

When I do that, I get the message, “There is not enough room to paste the selection”.

Perhaps you have Edit > Preferences > Tracks > Tracks Behaviors > “Editing a clip can move other clips” set.

And I can now recreate this. Problem reported on Github here: Pasting Over Clips can create blank space · Issue #5523 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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