Bug with EQ curve

Hello all!

I’m a certified recording engineer so I have experience and understanding of all things audio. I don’t use Audacity much but at a current gig I use it to quickly polish up recordings for an audio version of a newsletter we make available to the visually impaired.

I’m using 2.3.0.

As part of my regular routine, I apply a high pass filter before I compress. There is a glitch that I cannot get rid of with the EQ curve, whereby there is a huge spike of 30+ DB around 8k at the top of the curve. This seems to be triggered by any action in the ‘Graphic’ EQ view as opposed to the ‘Draw’ EQ view. Once it is there, I can use the flatten button to make it go away, but any further action (in the Graphic view) and it reappears. Even clicking between Draw and Graphic makes it appear. Does anyone else have this? It’s annoying, although I’ve found I can work around it by going back to ‘Draw’ mode and reselecting the curve I want. Sometimes I don’t realize it’s occurred up there in the high end until I’ve applied the curve and my audio sounds jacked. :astonished:

Mainly just sharing to let the developers know, and out of curiosity as to whether anyone else has this issue!


I cannot reproduce this on W10 or Mac Mojave - testing with 2.3.0 and the alpha build for the upcoming 2.3.1


I can’t reproduce it on Linux either.

I apply a high pass filter before I compress.

Does it do that with the pre-baked “Low Rolloff for Speech” equalization filter?