Bug(s) when D&D a sample from FL Studio to Audacity.

Using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, with Audacity 2.2.2.

Sometimes, when I drag-and-drop a sample from FL Studio (using its default D&D) to Audacity, Audacity does not load the sample, does not show the “Audacity did not recognize the type of the file” message, and refuses to exit/close.
And when I try to import the same sample using any method in Audacity, Audacity crashes (sometimes with a debug report), and the same thing happens even after restarting Audacity.
A debug report:
Audacity_dbgrpt-5760-20180324T164012.zip (132 KB)

It looks like there is a problem with the file that you are trying to import. I’m not an expert at this, but it looks like Audacity is attempting to import a WAV file with libsndfile, which should work for a valid WAV file, but that fails, so Audacity then attempts to import the file with FFmpeg, but when FFmpeg tries, it crashes, and takes Audacity down with it.

As a workaround, perhaps you could export the sample from FL Studio as a WAV file (which will hopefully produce a valid WAV file), and then import that into Audacity.

As an experiment, does this dance work with any type of sound file even if you’re not going to use it that way?