Bug report: problem (and temp solution) to typing into labels

Version 3.3.3.
I have 2 windows for 2 projects open, switching between them often.
I can make a new label with cmd-B, but cannot type.
The key presses are discarded or misinterpreted.
If I switch context to a different program, then back to audacity again,
all is well and I can type into labels or edit them…
until I switch to the other audacity project window.
Then again, must switch program context and switch back again.
So, it’s just an annoyance, not a deal-breaker for my work.

Thanks for posting this workaround for MacOS. Audacity uses wxWidgets as its interface for handling differing subtleties in keyboard handling between various operating systems, and the logic of editing labels during simultaneous operations taxes the limits.

The developers are currently migrating this logic to QT which is a similar interface but works differently. For this reason, they are not going to be making any changes to the existing wxWidgets interface.

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