Bug report: Invisible Audacity?

Running the 2.0.0 Unicode version that I dl’d last week, to a fully patched Vista system.

Sometimes, I’ll launch Audacity (by double-clicking the icon) and it looks like nothing happens. But the Task manager shows audacity.exe is running, and even if I kill that, Audacity won’t launch a visible session again.

Invisible app? Did I miss this in prior reports or am I just lucky?

Nothing else was running at the time, except MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) in the background.

So far my cure is to reboot the computer cold.

Do you have any “plug-ins” installed? This kind of behaviour can be caused by Audacity trying to load and verify a large list of plug-ins (or a list that includes ones that are not compatible with Audacity). How long have you waited for Audacity to appear?

No plugins. Usually it opens in seconds. I’ve waited 5 minutes and seen nothing.