Bug report 2.4.1: Playback meter not working on preview

Until I upgraded to 2.4.1 I was able to use the playback meter when using the preview function in the Noise Reduction effect. I found that being able to see what various levels of noise reduction were doing to the sound level was very useful. With 2.4.1 the playback meter no longer displays anything when I’m using the preview function. In order to find the most appropriate level of noise reduction I have to apply and unapply the effect, and then play the section of audio I’ve applied the effect to. And I have to repeat these steps over and over again until I’ve achieved the desired level of reduction.

To see this in operation:

Select any audio (say an area of room tone).
Select Noise Reduction.
Hit “Preview.”
Expected behavior: playback meter displays sound level.
Actual behavior: playback meter doesn’t display anything.

Loudness Normalization Preview meter doesn’t work either.


Playback meters working during Preview of non-real-time effects stopped working in version 2.3.3.
– Bill

This is a regression bug

Logged as P3 regression Bug #2487

Good catch Bodhipaksa - many thanks for the report, much appreciated :sunglasses:


Thanks, Peter. It’s wonderful to see Audacity continuing to improve.