bug - Recording starts from end of other track

A student of mine is having this problem. She added a rhythm track and a new mono\stereo track. When she presses Record, it doesn’t start from the cursor, but from the end of the rhythm track. A video is attached. Thanks

This is not a bug. The behaviour’s of clicking the Record button and “Shift + Record” were swapped a couple of versions ago because most users just want to continue recording to the same track. In current versions of Audacity, the Record button (or the “R” key) will record to the same track. “Shift + Record button”) (or “Shift + R”) will record to a new track.

Also please note that to record “2 channels (stereo)” into an existing track (as in your video), the selected track must be a stereo track. If you want to record into a mono track (as appears to be the intention in your video), set the number of recording channels to “1 channel (mono)” in the “Device Toolbar” (see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/device_toolbar.html)