Bug or Error when trying to make new folder when exporting audio

I’ve noticed that since the 3.4 update (I believe), the export audio dialogue box now doesn’t allow me to create a new folder in the “Folder” path if the path seems to be more than 1 folder deeper than the current folder.

For example, if the path is set to C:\export
I can create C:\export\export
But I cannot create C:\export\export\a

In this case, Audacity has the error of “Unable to create destination folder”

I think this has started happening since 3.4 and the new export dialogue window.

Is there any way around this?

you could use the Browse button and create the folders within that context. but yeah, it sounds like there should be recursive folder creation straight from the folder line.

Testing on W10 with 3.4.2

I was able to create a new folder called Export (in the default Audacity folder) and then a subfolder called A

But I had to make two visits to the browser dialog

  1. the first to create and accept the new Export folder
  2. a second use of the Browse button to create the A folder


Yes that sounds like you’ve replicated it. If you create the folder and export and then do it again you can create another folder one level deeper.

It always works if you click “Browse” like you say and create the folder using Windows dialogues.

I’m almost certain you could on an older version of Audacity with the older export dialogue.

The steps with 2.4.2
1) initial default

2) Click on the New folder button and rename New Folder to “Export”

3) Click the Open button and you get

4) Click the New folder button again and rename the New Folder “A”

5) Now press the Open button and you get

6) Now press the Save button and you get the Metadata editor, if you have not turned that off. With that turned off it proceeds to the save

Personally I don’t find that any easier or more difficult that using the new export dialog, just different.


In fact with new export in 3.4.x I MUCH prefer to see the full export path (rather than just the final folder)


Hi Peter

Thanks for the walkthrough.

I don’t agree it’s any more difficult though. I do think it’s much easier to just type the new folders directly into the “folder” box in Audacity but I do appreciate the steps and screen shots.


@LWinterberg logged this as a bug on GitHub yesterday:


That’s great thanks.

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