bug: no comment tag when export to multiple using flac format

macOS 10.14.6
Audacity 2.2.2
When I export multiple using flac format, the comment tag is empty, though I have entered data in the field in edit:medtadata, and it shows up in other export formats.

Searched a bit to find out if this bug is already known, would appreciate any tips on how to find bug reports, don’t want to waste folks’ time.


This is a bug - and my testing shows it still present in 2.3.2 and the latest alpha test builds fpr 2.3.3 on both W10 and Mac Mojave.

We do know that our support for metadata has a few rough edges that need some attention - but fixing them may not be a top priority.

I will log this on our bugtracker

This is our bugtracker (publicly readable but editable only by Audacity QA and devs): https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/

Try entering “metadata” in the search field (that’s what I did to see if it was already logged).

Thanks for the report - much appreciated,


Logged as P3 bug #2217 (with a Release Note)
When exporting to FLAC the “Comment” metadata field is ignored and not exported with the audio file