Bug Maybe - Crash Report Not Sending

Audacity has been crashing a lot for me lately. Basically every time I close it. I do have like 25 tracks, maybe that’s the issue. Anyway, I close, it crashes, then the box comes up that says “Failed to send crash report”

I see this topic was discussed in Nov 2023, but the issue persists. I wonder if it’s because I’m on windows 11? Anyway, happy to send if you need the reports, let me know. Otherwise I will try using less tracks and see if it helps. It wasn’t crashing before when I had like 5 tracks.

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Me too - every time I close Audacity. It’s happened ever since v.3.5.1 was rush-released. Typically I have 50 or more clips but it didn’t happen on v.3.4. I’m on Windows 10 so I don’t think your W11 is the issue. If the crash reports won’t send, how will the bug ever be fixed?

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