Bug in Macros in 2.3.3. Moves Cursor to Top After Macro

I have a brilliant macro that a user on this forum provided for me for removing “clicks” … and version 2.3.3 has made it almost unusable :astonished: :frowning:

Previously, when I ran the macro the cursor would remain at the same place it was when I started the macro, but now when I run it it resets the cursor to the top track. This means that if I remove a click on track 20, I have to then scroll back down through 20 tracks every single time I use the macro.

I’m going to have to downgrade my Audacity installation somehow, as I rely on this macro heavily. I know you have limited manpower and way too much work, but if there’s any way to eliminate this regression it would be very much appreciated.

The problem seems to have fixed itself after a restart; please disregard.