bug in Audacity 2.1.2

HI There. I was trying to create a 5.1 custom file from my stereo .wav file but when I export the audio and then import again, I get left and right front and mono for the center but no left and right rear. Channel 5 and 6 come back as mono too

Thanks, but I already answered this on feedback@ as you know. Audacity does not do channel mapping according to the type of multi-channel file it is, either for import or export. I think it’s always been this way.

Audacity itself can only play everything mixed down to stereo, but you should be able to import all six channels you exported (I tested that before replying to you).

To be clear, WAV 5.1 should be

Ch1: front left channel
Ch2: front right channel
Ch3: front center channel
Ch4: LFE
Ch5: rear left channel
Ch6: rear right channel

As I suggested, when playing your file other than in Audacity, can you set your sound device to play channel 5 to rear left and channel 6 to rear right? I think that should be happening anyway.