Bug + Improvement suggestions

A tiny bug I encounter a lot, because I have multiple output devices, is that if I change the default output while audacity is still running (perhaps because the device numbers filp) the devices in the selection are flipped. Don’t know if you can get an update from the driver but could be useful.

Also I noticed that with the new version recording is defaulted to start in the end, which should simplify for some users but honestly is stupid because I use my timeline cursor for a reason. Please change it back, it makes much more sense to make the default follow the cursor. If you wanna simplify you can still make an “end” button for those unaware of the physical end button on their own keyboard. I really liked that dubbing and recording were the same and this kind of ruined it. Just my opinion, please consider

I don’t understand - while Audacity is running either playing or recording the Device toolbar is grayed out and unavailable - so changes to the output device cannot be made.

Yes we changed this behavior, flipping the two record modes - you can either

a) use Shift + Record or shortcut Shift + R to record on a new track below, based on the cursor or selection position.

b) revert to the old behavior where plain Record records on a new tack (and shift modified records at the track end) by setting the Preference for Always record on a new track in Recording preferences.
See this page in the Manual: Recording Preferences - Audacity Manual

We changed this for the 2.2.0 release see- the archived “What’s new” for that release: Missing features - Audacity Support


As of the bug - I didn’t say recording or playing. I said running. Like the process itself
As of the improvement - I know of this, I did state for a reason that: “I really liked that dubbing and recording were the same and this kind of ruined it”
I don’t think the approach is correct. I already tweaked the settings, I just think that conceptually it should be default out of the box and if someone wants to strictly do each he can move to the mode and use the extra shortcuts to do so. It seems to make much more sense to me idk