Bug - Effects Context Menu is Too Large when Moved to Smaller Secondary Screen - Win10 v1903, Audacity v2.3.3

I’ve noticed a very peculiar bug recently. When I open the effects context menu, and when on my main display, it works fine and I can access the scroll button at the bottom of my screen. The same can’t be said when Audacity is moved onto my other display.

Screenshot (133).png
It’s not until I move the window off of my 1920x1080 screen and over to my secondary 1600x900 screen where I discover that I can’t access the scroll button in the context menu because the menu is larger than the screen height.

Screenshot (132).png
Of course I could be wrong, but I think what’s happening, is that the context menu is set to the vertical size of my main screen, and not the vertical size of the screen it’s on. This bug still occurs even if Audacity is opened on my secondary screen.

It is annoying though when I’m working on my secondary screen and have to move it over to my main display just access effects that are further down the menu.

Windows 10 Home - Version 1903
Audacity v2.3.3

Display 1 Main 1920x1080
Display 2 Extended 1600x900

It’s a known limitation that Audacity does not yet fully support multiple displays, though it should be perfectly usable if you keep the main Audacity window on the primary display. Floating toolbars may be moved to a secondary display if you wish, but I don’t think that Audacity will remember the multi-screen layout after closing and restarting.