Bug affecting Local Area Connection

Just a possible bug … I cannot prove this …

Only after running Audacity 2.0 for a while, I find Windows reporting that my Local Area Connection ( LAN ) is lost - as if a network cable were unplugged.
I am running Windows XP Home with all MS updates applied.
If I reboot XP, the network connection is restored & works fine again.

I suspect a dll problem related to editing audio.
No error message appears in any window.
I only see the network icon showing a disconnected state & I am unable to access the internet.
I have not noticed if any particular action within Audacity is triggering the problem.
I have not noticed any network problem unless I start Audacity 2.0, and even then the network does not drop immediately.
I have been using Effect, Analyze, and Export Multiple functions within Audacity.

If I can narrow down the problem, or even find it without starting Audacity, I will post an update.

Thanks, John

How is your network connection achieved? Do you have a NIC in your deskside computer; does it have lights on it? What kind of computer is it? What’s your network connection? Cable Modem? Phone Company DSL. Does your modem or switch have lights on it? My DSL modem has three lights: local connection, power, network connection/activity. Do those go blank when you lose the connection?

Audacity does not use network services. We usually have to beat people off with a stick when they insist on “remote operating” Audacity or using Network Attached Drives, neither of which works very well.

Do you have a really tiny machine? Audio (or video) takes a serious amount of computer power, not because there’s anything magic about it, but it doesn’t wait. It’s remotely possible that Audacity running on a song does not leave enough for network management – although I don’t really believe that. Network management has delay awareness built-in.


The machine on which I run Audacity is old, but is a 1.8Gh AMD with 512MB memory.
It’s network is via an ethernet cable connected to a port integrated on the motherboard.
I have 3 computers on the same home LAN - 2 wired & 1 wireless.
None of the other computers ( e.g. the one I am typing on ) are having network problems.
So the problem is either with Audacity, recent MS updates, or another app on the Audacity computer.
The Audacity computer is the only one on which I run XP Home ( as opposed to XP Pro or Win 7 ).
All I can do is observe & hopefully find a pattern to the problem.
While Audacity may not directly use the internet, maybe a dll is mistakenly affecting a network dll.

Anyway, maybe I will find a sequence in any app that triggers the problem.
Again, the problem has not yet occurred unless I use Audacity.
But at least it is not a critical problem ( for me ).
I can reboot & use the network before starting Audacity if I need.

Thanks, John

512 is a very restrained amount of memory. I’m guessin’ there can’t be anything else running on the machine when you capture or manage sound.

You could have another interesting problem, too. Audacity is not bashful about using all your memory if it needs to. If you have a bad stick of memory up high, you could cruise for months and not know. The minute a program with sharp elbows goes up there to work, it could start to create serious problems.

It’s easy to check. Microsoft makes a terrific memory tester.


Start it running and go to bed. It needs to run through the whole suite of tests multiple times to be sure.