Bug 123 - Orphan Block File(s) error

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I came across this regarding Bug 137, which I happened to encounter just yesterday and thought I’d try and help out with a bug report:


I’m on Windows 7 using Audacity 2.3.0.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of the details of what lead up to the bug, but it started with me trying to rename a .aup project file that was already open. Not long after, I noticed that the project_data folder was double what it had been before, at around 14GB, and assumed correctly that the files for the project had somehow been duplicated.

I then decided to use a duplicate file finder (my go-to is Auslogics) to clean up the duplicate files from the _data folder, which I found more than a hundred of, and deleted them to the Recycle Bin. This only removed about 1GB of data from the _data folder, but made the .aup project file unopenable due to some error saying the files couldn’t be found. I then restored the deleted duplicates from the Recycle Bin, tried opening the project file again, and this time got the Orphan Block File(s) error, with an option to delete orphan files. I opted to delete the files because I naturally assumed the orphan files being referred to were those orphaned by the old project file that existed under the old filename.

I deleted the files and was able to use the .aup project file as normal, and there is no silence in the audio. I checked the project’s _data folder not long after, and it was which was at just 200MB (although a good portion of this was also probably due to reducing a 1 hour 40 minute movie to 8 minutes).

I hope this can help someone.

it started with me trying to rename a .aup project file that was already open

It’s strongly recommended that no file management be done on an Audacity Project outside of the Audacity Program. The name of the Project is burned into the AUP file and when the code and the filename don’t match, the show becomes unstable.


Screenshot 2019-03-30 20.00.32.png
Has anyone run across this problem? My sister is trying to become an audiobook narrator and I’ll be her editor. Her second project produced this message and I’m not sure what to do to tell her how to avoid this. It’s a second trial run with the first chapter of a book she’s reading to submit as a sample audio file for prospective authors. The first time she recorded the chapter, it didn’t pop up any errors when I loaded it into Audacity. I would very much appreciate any help I can get.