Buddy laying down tracks: samples needed for study

I stumbled upon Audacity a few days ago… I have been absorbed ever since! I told my guitar playing football river floating drinking buddy about it… that I’m going to learn editing, etc. (I’m not a musician, but I can figure out computer stuff pretty well) - Anyhow, he has a little set up in his basement, even some recording equipment… and about a hundred guitars! When the right mix of players shows up they sound really good. I told him if he’d get serious about recording some material, I would put it together for him. He’s looking into the recording part now. Meanwhile, I’m studying this end.

So here I am… My question: Where can I find some tracks to work with, study, practice on, etc. I suppose I want something similar to the stuff Jimbo (<— buddy) is going to give me. Is there anything out there… Or better yet anyone out there who would loan me a few files for personal use?

Welcome to the enormous, complicated, and most of all awesome world of multi-track recording.

First, any Audacity project of more than a few tracks is going to be quite large. There aren’t many people who will pay for the bandwidth needed to put up a quality multi-track project. But there is one substantial project I’m aware of you can download.

It’s almost certainly not in vein with what your buddy is going to be up to, but practice is practice. Two of the songs from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne can be downloaded in multi-track format. I haven’t ever heard the album, but my coworker tells me it’s good stuff, and the multi-track files are cool to fiddle around with.