BSOD when opening Audacity while youtube video playing

Just wanted to make a bug report. I am not going to attempt to reproduce this bug since it caused a BSOD, memory dump and forced reboot on my Windows 7 machine.

With Firefox open playing a YouTube video, I opened up Audacity. This caused the computer to lock up and BSOD.

Hopefully that is some useful info for you.


Does Audacity run by itself, if it’s the only thing running on the machine?
Which version? Help > About. Koz

Did you build the machine?

Sorry, this was on 2.0.4.

Just read your post at the top about blue screens :stuck_out_tongue: I updated to the latest 2.0.5 release candidate now.

This crash happened on an HP Pavilion that is about 4/5 years old now.

Yes it ran by itself, and it worked after I restarted and opened audacity first before reopening the youtube video.

Does that fix the problem for you?