Broken waveform causing "rumble"

Hello! I have a recurring problem that I never seemed to have with the old audacity. When I am recording vinyl to the computer on the playback there will be a slight jittery “rumble” occasionaly in the playback. It would be similar to a needle slightly skating over a song with too much bass. As I am listening to the song with headphones as it is recording I don’t get this jittery rumble. When I look at the waveforms for the rumbly areas they are often jagged and broken. This will just occur randomly and only lasts about a second or 2 in the playback but it is def. noticeable. Any ideas as to why this is happening? The volume is not too loud and I am not brickwalling anything.

What is it that makes you think Audacity is at fault…??
Can you play the vinyls OK on any other software or do you hear it when you listen on speakers without Audacity…?

I don’t use any other software-I have used audacity for years and was re-recording some vinyl that I had recorded at one time and the files were lost in a computer crash. I never had this issue before I downloaded the new audacity to the new computer. I do not hear it when I am playing the vinyl through speakers, or while I am listening to them as I am recording to Audacity. It sounds like a vibration rumble even when there was no vibration during the recording process and, if I rerecord the track the rumble is not in the same place or not present at all, so it is not the vinyl.

What are your PC audio and Audacity audio setup settings…?
What device is select for Audacity to record from. …?
Are you using Stereo Mix…? Have you the PC mic selected somewhere…>
Some of these may be picking up noises and need to be disabled if recording record player only.
It could even be mic picking up electrical noise, mouse clicks or yourself shuffling…?
You say you don’t hear it when you are listening with headphones or speakers while recording but only hear it on playback. … seems odd, but maybe it is only then you are more consious of it…?
If you didn’t hear how did you know to go and look for it…?

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