Broken audio

How to turn all decibels up to the same level
I have audio but my vioce is too loud and the other voice is too quiet.

LevelSpeech2.ny plugin

If you are both talking at the same time,* there isn’t much you can do…

Otherwise the best way is to fade-up and fade-down “manually” with the [u]Envelope Tool[/u].

Or, the Compressor and/or Limiter effects tend to bring everything toward the same volume. You’ll just have to experiment with the settings to see what works best. The Limiter has fewer settings so it’s the easiest to experiment with. Both of these effects tend to “push down” the loud parts, so the standard practice is to use the Make-up Gain option to bring the overall volume back up.

Anything you do to boost the volume will also boost the background noise and you may have to live with that.

If you want to try Noise Reduction, apply the noise reduction before messing around with the volume, because the Noise Reduction effect wants to see constant noise. Noise Reduction can sometimes introduce artifacts (side effects) that are sometimes worse than the noise, especially if the noise is bad… Noise Reduction works best when you very low-level noise… When you don’t really need it. And if you get artifacts, anything that boosts the volume will boost those artifacts. So, it’s just something you have to try to see if it makes an improvement, or if it’s best to live with the original noise.


  • Unless you are on the left channel and the other person is on the right (or vice versa). Then, you can adjust the channels independently.