broadcasring software sees Audacity .mp3s as .raw files

I am making shows for a station in Austria. They are downloading my shows from google drive to play on the station. I am in the UK atm.
I make the show using Audacity and save as a .mp3 @ 320kbps

They load the .mp3 file into their cuing software but it shows up as an empty file and also as a .raw file. (sorry not sure what software they are using)
They got round this by, opening my .mp3 with Audacity and then exporting it again as a .mp3 and then it all works fine.

I’ve never seen or heard of this problem before and the other stations who take the show don’t have this problem, at first I thought it a problem with their cuing software but after them re-encoding with Audacity and it working fine, thats just weird.
So am thinking maybe my settings at my end? Or maybe a conflict between my audacity files and their software but why should my files be different to their audacity mp3 files?
I dont see anything out of the ordinary in my Audacity export settings.

anybody any ideas on this Thanks

Audacity 2.2.2
Windows 7 64bit

the show page :slight_smile:

Probably nothing. You can test the format here: MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser

Have you asked them what format they would like? Their software may have restrictive requirements, such as “256 kbps CBR mono”.
For MP3 formats, there’s not only the bit-rate but also CBR (constant bit rate), ABR (average bit rate), VBR (variable bit-rate), and the number of channels (mono or stereo).
By default, Audacity uses the “Presets” which are all VBR except for the “Insane” preset which is 320 kbps CBR.

Thanks Steve for some reason only just seen this it was a problem their end
thanks again for talking the trouble to answer this :smiley: