Broadband sound

Hello. I am an audio novice, so please bear with me. I have some sounds and I would like to make these sounds more broadband. How do I do so?

I’ve tried adding a second track with generated pink noise and then use “Mix and Render” with a track containing the original sound. However, this just sounds like my original track with some noise. :open_mouth: Big surprise. :wink:


What do you mean by “more broadband”? Do you want to add more harmonics to the sound? That’s what a distortion pedal does. You can make a nice distortion with careful use of the Hard Limiter (it should actually be called a variable clipper if you ask me).

Pink noise is certainly a broadband sound, but apparently you didn’t like it.

As an aside, I once wrote a tune called “Fade to Pink” that had a pretty noisy outro. Towards the end I slowly faded in pink noise because my sense of humor is awesome and I liked the way it sounded.