Bring out voice in poor quality recording

I have about 30 audio recordings from an Android phone in which I need to bring out the voices.
Attached to this message are clips in mp3 and ogg as an example.
Can you tell me what steps to take to make the voices more easily heard?


Audacity 2.2.1
Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
Release Distribution

You need to rerecord. The recording is trash.

Please note that we are unable to assist with covert recordings or legal disputes. If this applies, you are advised to seek qualified professional assistance.

There’s a fuzzy rule: If you can’t make out the words before processing, you’re stuck.

It’s a terrific idea to try this kind of thing out before you need it.


Can you recommend a professional that can help with this?

For help with the audio, try searching on-line for “audio forensic services”.
For legal advice, see a solicitor, or “Citizen’s Advice” if there is such a thing in your country.