Bring back Noise Removal

I have heard and read how much better the new Noise Reduction tool (versions 2.1+) is than the previous Noise Removal tool, and perhaps it’s just that I’m not using it properly, but when I use the new Noise Reduction tool, it leaves the processed sound with slight artifacts and digital tinniness. For removing the noise in the spaces or pauses of voice recording, I prefer the old Noise Removal tool. Is there any way that the Audacity team could keep them both?

What values are you using? Noise Removal would not remove hiss from a spoken word recording, and so was of very limited use.

If you have a good profile (noise only) I have found that 6, 6, 6; 12, 6, 6; and 18, 6, 6 will produce a quiet recording whose corrections are undetectable and more importantly, ACX Audiobook can’t find them, either.

It’s possible to run an earlier version of Audacity and get the old tools back. You can install many different versions of Audacity in their own folders as long as you only use one at a time.

Probably zero chance of bringing the old one back.

If 18, 6, 6 can’t do it, you should think about improving your raw recordings. 18dB noise suppression is very serious.


@Koz, Thanks for your reply. Maybe it just a classic case of me “doin’ it wrong.” I’ll give Noise Reduction another chance with the settings you suggested. It means a lot to me that so many have such confidence in the new and improved version. Like you said, the problems may lie in my original recording.

the problems may lie in my original recording.

Post a piece of your raw performance. We may be able to help.

This is a recipe for knocking together a sound test.

You can’t post very long clips on the forum. Of course, if you have access to a file hosting service, you can post whatever you want. Point us.


If the noise is loud, or part of the noise is random bumps and bangs that Noise Reduction will ignore, you should turn Frequency Smoothing up. It can go higher than the 6 the slider says is the maximum if you type the number in the box.


Thanks, all. Let me fiddle with it a bit more using your advice. If I still can’t get it right, I’ll post a sample.