Breath & Pinging Sounds

Windows 7; installed from .zip

Hi. I am a relative beginner. The only thing I have done to the attached clip is combine the tracks to mono. The volume is quite low.

On the attached clip you’ll hear 2 different patches of pinging (I guess frequency is the difference) and a breath sound with pronunciation of “p”.

Re the pinging, I amped up the volume to medium volume and used Noise Removal to sample the pinging at about 4.9 sec. and then selected all for the removal. This left pinging at 1.2 sec. I sampled this pinging and did Noise Removal again on all. There is now a noticeable distortion of the audio (at a normal or a bit higher volume).

There is a breath sound at 4.8 sec. with the “p”. It occurs with the narration. When I amplify the volume, the “p breath” sound becomes more noticeable and annoying.

Does anyone have any suggestions re solving these 2 problems? Thanks very much.


The popping “P” effect can b reduced by using the “high pass filter” effect. Try it with a frequency setting at around 100 Hz.
A better way is to avoid it during recording by using a “pop-shield”.
Pop shields are not particularly expensive, and really cheap if you make one:
(just a wire coat hanger, a nylon stocking and some sticky tape is the cheapest method)