Breaks in recording.


Whilst editing my first full book I’ve discovered chapters where I’m getting breaks in the recording. The chapter I edited last night had 9 of them!

What I mean by breaks is there will be the start of a sentence then a strange and unpleasant noise and then the end of another sentence before the recording continues on as normal. There is also a small visible gap in the waveform.

I’m adding a sample here to better describe it.

Has anybody else experienced this? I’ve no idea if it is Audacity or something in my setup, of course.


Those are going down to digital “black” where the sound channel stops dead briefly. Generally those are put down to the computer not keeping up with your voice.

Which computer, which operating system, and which Audacity.
I’m typing on a Mac Mini, OS-X 10.9.5 and I’m using Audacity 2.0.6.