Break an audiobook down into chunks

I want to back up an audiobook, but I don’t want a 15 hour long mp3. What is an easy way to break down the file into 30 minute chunks that I can add to a playlist? Windows 7 Audacity 2.2.1

I want to back up an audiobook

That you presented, or you bought?

If you presented it, you can go back to the individual chapter boundaries you made when you submitted.

I know there’s a way to label at predictable points, but I can’t find it…


There it is.

Analyze > Regular Interval Labels.

You an use the labels later to Export individual sound files at those breaks.

If there is enough silences in the chapter breaks, you can try Analyze > Silence Finder or Analyze > Sound Finder.


Missed a step. After you form the labels (don’t forget to put one at the beginning), File > Export > Export Multiple.