Brand new, voice over question

Hello all. :slight_smile:

I’m brand new to audio recording/editing. At this moment I’m setting up a new business where we want do a voice over on an animation clip.
Website: (clip stands here)

Before downloading the program, my question is: is it possible to do a voice over, with headphones with a microphone?


Audacity can record voice with a microphone.
Audacity is free, so why not try it?

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Are you going to play the animation and do environment narration?

“Our story starts in the small, picturesque village of West Harpersfield,”

Slow zoom over fields into the church steeple.

Or are you doing dialog matching? First, that’s normally done upside down, shoot the voice first and then animate to it, and if you can’t do it that way, you’re doomed to Looping where a segment of the action is shown repeatedly and you announce to it until you get it perfect, then show the next loop. Repeat as needed.

There’s another variation where you translate languages and that one only has to get close.

Any of those?