Brand new user asking assistance joining tracks

I just started using Audacity a couple of days ago, EXE version 2.0.2. I’m trying to combine MP3 tracks 10, 11, 12 and 13 on the Beatles Abbey Road. I got it to work okay but no matter what it’s still not 100% seamless. Is there a trick to removing the little click between tracks? I tried clicking and removing the line that separates tracks after pasting them together. And I tried clicking the selection bar a little inside the end of each track before pasting so I didn’t get a line, but no luck. Any advice on how to get the cleanest possible join would be appreciated. Using XP SP3. Thanks.

Try making a short fade out to the end of each track and a short fade in to the start. Zoom in so that you can select a short section.
Fade In and Out are in the Effects menu.

Appreciate it. I’ll give that a try.

After fiddling with this way too long, I finally broke down and figured out how to record the CD then export it as an MP3. I have to say it worked like a charm. Now I have an MP3 that’s smooth as the LP or CD.

Very powerful program indeed.