bpm help

windows xp

all i want to do is make a track of music all mixed at 140 beats per minute. would appreciate any help on that subject.

also, help with adding audio inside the newly developed tracks i just made.


What are you having trouble with?

keeping the songs at 140, and being able to record them

You’ll need to be a lot more descriptive. I’ve no idea what problems you have.

How and what are you recording? Are you recording yourself or someone else with a microphone? Are you recording or digitizing an existing recording? Digital audio files (CDs & MP3s) don’t need to be “recorded”… If you are “making the tracks” yourself, you just need to use metronome or click-track… :stuck_out_tongue:

Under Effects there is a Change Tempo effect. You’ll need to know the current BPM (which you can simply count) in order to hit your new 140BPM target. Note that changing the tempo without changing speed can sometimes result in artifacts (side-effects), and vocals can start to sound unnatural if you push it too far.