bpm drifts

Hello, I’m not quite sure if Audacity already has this option, but I have been looking very hard for a program that dosen’t cost me over 400 bucks to fix tiny bpm drifts through out the song. As a stepmania step chart artist, it can be VERY frusterating to deal with this problem. Most songs I have come across have very slight bpm changes, and it would be wonderful if Audacity could make these songs into one consistent BPM.

The problem, as you’re finding out, is to measure the BPM. We recommend a cup of coffee, calculator, and stopwatch.

Any song that has phrase wait states in it like some Trance/Dance music will reduce BPM software to trash as will any song like country and western tunes that decide to double-time in the middle. Those make dancers crazy, too, so it’s not universally liked. All of those will give you bogus BPM measurements and you can’t stop them.

Starbucks is good. I’ve been liking the McDonalds blends. One of the reviewers had a good line. He said, “It’s better than it’s supposed to be.” My stopwatch is by SportLine. You have to be careful not to buy one with :30 on one sweep. Those make you crazy.

I use the calculator in the Mac.