Bouncing Dock icon when something expected and normal happens

Is there any way to disable the icon’s bouncing in the Dock when running macros/chains in the background (preferably without disabling all bouncing for all apps forever)? In every version of Audacity I have ever used, whenever a macro progresses to the next task, Audacity often sees fit to notify me that it’s continuing to do what I told it to do by bouncing in the Dock as if something requires my attention. I would like it to do so if something does require my attention, but this isn’t the case with a macro running normally.

On a related note, would it be possible to bounce the icon (or use some other method of notification) when an action (or macro) completes? Useful if you’re working on a large project and switch to doing something else while waiting for it to process.

I think that bouncing is just something that macOS does when an application is busy.
According to this (4 year old) post, it’s an all or nothing thing for bouncing icons in the Dock:

I cannot reproduce “bouncing icons” when I run Macros - I tested with a 90 minute project and a 90 minute WAV file - and on 2.3.0 Audacity and on the alpha test for 2.3.1 I observed no bouncing icons in the Dock while the Macro worked.


Was this with a multi-step macro? In my experience, it only (and reliably) starts bouncing when a macro running in the background changes tasks, for instance when it finishes compressing a file and begins exporting to MP3, or finishes amplifying by –20 dB and starts truncating silence over –20 dB (which I don’t recommend), or finishes with one file and moves on to the next.

Just making sure we’re talking about the same thing, and you didn’t just use a single-step “MP3 Conversion” macro or something.

I tested previously with just the supplied MP3 conversion (which is a two step Macro as it has Normalize and Export)

But I just tested on RC03 2.3.1 alpha and now I do see a bouncing icon when I create a five-step Macro.

  1. when operating on the project it seems to bounce every time it completes a step in the macro - but just once each time

  2. when operating on a file it only bounces when it completes - and then only the once, it is not continuous bouncing.


Ah, right, my mistake.

Weird. Mine bounces continually until I switch to Audacity. Always has, as far as I recall. But thanks for checking!