Both "join clips" and "generate silence" commands make audio disappear

I have used Audacity for some time now to record voice and mix with background sounds and I love it! (win11; Audacity 3.5.1.)
Since a few days however, when I try to join clips, all of a sudden part of the audio disappears :cry:
The same happens when I want to generate silence, audacity seems to execute the ā€œcutā€ command insteadā€¦
This did not happen beforeā€¦ I see an old post about this from 2021, but somehow the problem seems to have reared its ugly head againā€¦
What happened with these commands?
Please help.

For join clipsā€¦first do select the clips you want to joinā€¦?
For generate silence make sure you donā€™t have any part of track selectedā€¦just go to the point where you want the silence inserted

I selected both to join clips like I always have, the latter gets deletedā€¦

yes, select when joiningā€¦ what is latterā€¦??

the second one, the last audio of 2 is the one that gets deleted when trying to join them.

Wow, now even "noise removal is cutting parts out of the audio track.\This is crazy :crazy_face:

That sounds really frustrating! Iā€™ve been using Audacity for a while too, and havenā€™t run into this disappearing audio issue with joining clips or generating silence.

Itā€™s interesting you mentioned an old post from 2021 about something similar. Maybe checking that out could offer some clues? In the meantime, a few things you could try:

Close and reopen Audacity: Sometimes a simple restart can clear up glitches.
Make sure youā€™re using the latest version: Bugs sometimes get squashed in updates. You can check for updates in Audacityā€™s preferences.
Try a different project: If the issue seems specific to one project file, creating a new one might help isolate the problem.
If none of those work, it might be worth adding some details to your original post about what happens exactly when the audio disappears. Does it just vanish from the waveform, or is there an error message? The more info you can give, the easier it might be for someone to help troubleshoot.