botched save over network

I messed up and didn’t save a recorded meeting, lasting 1.5 hours, to the hard drive. My dumb*** tried to save it directly across an office network and it failed. This turned off the program and i thought i lost the file. Turns out, the 5 second wav files of audio, which make up the 1.5 hours, made it to the server but the Audacity instructions on how it goes together did not. I imported all the little wav files (just under 1,000 of them) into Audacity; but it opened each in their own track. Could someone tell me how to combine these back into one track so i can export the file? I need to get the meeting transcribed and i don’t think the transcription company is going to like me uploading 1,000 little wavs.


They’re capture clips and they’re not even as organized as you think they are.

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