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Delighted to be on what I consider to be the best forum bar none.Before I post my topic I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to stevethefiddle for all his help a short while ago.It was greatly and gratefully appreciated.Thanks again man.
Back to business.I am operating windows 7 64bit and using Audacity 2.0.5.I recorded some music from youtube recently and some of the tracks have voice-over which I successfully removed.My problem is how do I bring the volume of the music to match the rest of the recording?I hasten to add I am a complete amateur when it comes to this and I am just feeling my way around the programme.I checked FAQ and the forum but cannot seem to find what I need so I am trusting you guys to help me through this.
Many thanks in advance. :blush:

The best tool for this is probably the Envelope tool - a little tricksy to use, but worth mastering - see this page in the manual:


Sincere thanks to you waxcylinder for your very speedy reply.this looks like the answer I am looking for.I will play around with this for a while and see how it goes.Then I will most certainly let you know how I get on.


ligaman :smiley:

hi all. about five weeks ago i queried how to boost volume after removing voice-over.waxcylinder kindly suggested that i try using the envelope tool.i also stated that i am a complete novice regarding musical terms.i have tried and tried this tool but to no avail sadly,because i really want to understand stuff.thankfully i got the lazy way out.i found the same track sans voice-over(which is not much help in the learning field).many thanks again for your help.
kudos to all
ligaman :cry:

hi ligaman,
If you’re lazy to use envelope tool to compress the audio manually, you could use the Steve’s limiter2.ny plugin.
You can download it here and check out the instructions how to install nyquist plugins here.

When you get it installed, apply a soft compression, using the make-up gain option and you’ll get your sound boosted.

hi vpd
thanks a mil for your speedy reply and those very helpful links.this is what makes audacity’s not that i’m too lazy to operate the envelope tool i just dont seem to be able to get it to do what it says on the tin,if you know what i mean.cheers again for the help.i’m off to try my luck again.
ligaman :astonished: