Boosting game dialog volume

Greetings. I want to record a Let’s Play of a Fo4 mod. The problem I am facing is that the in game dialog for the mod is a bit low while the rest of the in game audio is fine. Is there a way to selectively boost just the in game dialog without boosting the rest and it be easy enough for an idiot to do? Or tedious, since I am thinking that I’ll have to play though all the hours of audio and selectively drag highlight just those bits to boost.>.< The mod is a small DLC sized quest mod, for those that know, The Machine and Her.

Oh! Almost forgot, I have Audacity 2.3.2

For a recording that you have already made, probably not.
You could use the Envelope Tool to selectively raise the level of the parts where there is only in-game dialog.

For new recordings, I’d recommend recording with specialist game recording software (such as Nvidia GeForce Experience, OBS, Gamecaster, Fraps or similar). Make several test recordings to check levels before making the real recording.

I use Fraps, but, as I said, if I set the game audio to normal when the character talks she is hard to hear. I can rip the audio to WAV after recording. Hmm, an envelope? I’ll have to look up a tutorial and see if that’ll work. Thanks.:smiley: