BOLD Split Lines Vanish, Appear, and Become Invisible

Decade long user, yet cant wrap my head around the purpose of the vertical bold split lines and why some splits do not have them. Seems to me that all splits should be in bold unless there is a gap between them. When zoomed all the way in, the bold and non-bold split lines look the same with a hair thin micro gap separating the two clips. The split lines drive me insane, as I am unable to perform simple copy and pastes, because the bold split lines vanish or appear miles down the timeline seemingly at random. How can a paste at say,… 00:50 have any effect on the split lines at 02:00? But it does. I always verify that the duration of the paste is the same as what is being pasted over. For example, I create a simple 15 second loop, then copy and paste it so there are dozens of them side by side. Then I make an alteration to one of them, without trimming or changing the duration, and copy it and attempt to paste it to it’s other counterparts so they all contain the updated changes BY highlighting one and then Ctrl+V, one by one. Sadly for some unknown reason, half of the time a paste deletes the section ahead of it. This means that half of the time I need to first delete the old one and battle with the very sensitive yellow laser that often requires me to zoom way in, in order to lock onto the end of the prior clip, then press Ctrl+V, then half of the time I am still unable to paste because there is a phantom, invisible split line that literally should no longer exist, so I must battle with the yellow laser a second time to highlight the void and push delete then battle the laser a third time to hit the prior clips end and finally paste properly. This is consuming so much time and is very confusing.

A second severe issue is the fact that “mouse click merge” can’t be disabled. So many times I have merged on accident, only to discover it weeks later. It makes navigating a timeline with many splits a constant zoom in and out venture like playing Warcraft 2 or SC Forged Alliance.

A third severe issue is when I use Ctrl+Z to undo merges, it undoes all merges that took place “back to back in sequence”. WHY? This is a huge time waster, you make one tiny mistake, undo it, then must go back and re-merge up to dozens of locations again, only if you are lucky to remember where they were.

The only issues I have with Audacity are split line related. Aside from these, Audacity has been a dear friend.

“”“No. it’s a “split” between adjacent parts of the audio track.
It can be safely ignored as long as you are not moving tracks.”“” ~ Steve 2014

I wish Steve had gone into more detail because he was correct, but why are the bold split lines causing these issues, there must be a way to prevent the phantom split lines from polluting the timeline and rock blocking the workflow.

Thank yall for the time.

Interesting how I have never gotten an answer to this split line question. It must be that the long time users and engineers do not even know why there are the light grey split lines, and the black ones, and why most end up black and only a couple become light grey on occasion but require pointless work to get rid of. Why is it that half of the time when I deal with a light grey split line in order to get rid of it, another one appears at the next split line down the timeline? Why do the black split lines merge when clicked, that is literally the most retarded feature ever. I could get things done twice as fast if I could simply select regions using the split lines. It is upsetting that no one will touch this issue because they do not know themselves, or the explanation is is so simple that it flies past me.

Split lines should be fairly “bold”. I don’t know exactly how bold they should appear on your computer as I don’t use Windows, I may be using a different screen resolution, I may have other display settings.

I suspect that the faint lines are due to some sort of minor bug.

That may explain why no one has offered any advice about the light grey split lines if it is a bug but I have had this issue on Vista/7/8 and 10 so if it is a bug, the bug likes windows. However, the light grey split lines go unnoticed until a certain factor of zoom in is used. So it is possible that many users do not notice them if they are rare. I deal with zillions of split lines in every project, way more than likely anyone else on the planet. The light greys reappear even after a ctrl-j is applied if a new chunk of waveform is placed onto the same region. The light grey split line data remains within the timeline after it has been merged which is scarry. An invisible enemy. Who knows what kind of effect it has on the end product.