Blurry view UI Audacity 2.1.3


I just have my new laptop (Dell XPS 13 matte screen version) and one of the first things I did was installing Audacity (using the .exe installer).

After opening Audacity, I was surprised to see the graphics are not sharp. The menu’s are displayed kind of blurry.
This is not normal, because I compared with Audacity in my old pc (Windows 7) and there the menus are displayed sharp and correct.

I added a sceenshot.
The only correct displayed item is the name audacity at the top of the screen.

Thanks for your advice.

Audacity does not yet support high dpi monitors. The blurriness is due to scaling of text and graphics that were created for “standard” resolution monitors. There’s a lot of development work required for high dpi support in Audacity. I’m sure that it will come eventually, but it will take time.

Thanks for your answer.
Anyway, it is not something that is bothering me too much. For that, I love Audacity way too much.
All my respect for the fantastic work done by all the developers.

I fixed the problem with

right-click to .exe file and choose Properties > Compatibility
then “high dpi…” button and at the bottom check “override…” (by application)

Now it looks great again.