BlueTooth Pedal board

Hey there, would Audacity work with AirTurn BT500S-6? This is a BlueTooth, 6-button pedal board to control certain features like: start/stop, overdub, clear content, bass & drum etc.
I am a singer/songwriter guitarist with so many DAW, FX apps. staring me in the face all with a “price”, all I want to do is play “Live”! Being able to create sounds on my guitar via FX, using Loopy Pro, GrooveRider 16, I would LOVE to give Audacity a whirl. More to the point, I am a sort of, Jack “Luddite”. Did not grow up with a computer strapped to my ass and would rather support Open Source than Capitalistic greed. Any ideas? Thanks…

I don’t know… If you already have it you can try it. There are keyboard shortcuts so if the pedal can simulate keyboard commands those should work.

But Audacity isn’t a full DAW (1) and it only has VERY-limited MIDI support.

Very few 3rd-party plug-ins officially support Audacity so that’s usually hit-or-miss.

I’m not sure what you mean by that, but there is always SOME latency (delay) through the computer and some plug-ins add more latency.

Sometimes you can get latency down to where it’s unnoticeable and sometimes not. It’s no problem for recording but if you are monitoring yourself through the computer with a delay it gets difficult to perform.

And of course, noticeable latency is no-good if you’re performing live.

(1) I call it an “audio editor”. The Audacity main webpage says, “Audacity is the world’s most popular audio editing and recording app.”

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