Bluetooth Headset - Error Opening Sound Device

I am running 2.4.2, and OSX 10.15.6 Catalina.

I tried with Airpod Pro earbuds, and Mpow over the ear headphones. I can record, but I cannot playback, I always get “Error opening Sound Device”

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried with wired headphones?

Wired works great. Issue is only with Bluetooth headsets on the 2019 MBP.

We don’t recommend bluetooth devices because Audacity required continuous access to the device, and bluetooth devices have a habit of going to sleep when they are not active, and that behaviour messes up Audacity. I’m not aware of any reliable workaround other than using wired headphones instead of bluetooth.

After reconnecting my bluetooth headset, I used to get the same error, and would restart Audacity to fix the problem. However, I found and now “Transport> Rescan Audio Devices” works for me.