Bluetooth Headphones not detected in Fedora 37

My Sony bluetooth headphones were not detected in version 3.1.3 so I first used Fedora snap to uninstall Audactiy 3.1.3
Following this link Audacity Fedora 37 Installation - Step-by-step • Installing • resulted in installation of version 3.2.5

My headphones are still not detected. What should I do?

PS. The headphones are functioning in other applications.

It is likely a driver problem. Unfortunately, bluetooth drivers are not as mature as that for other audio hardware (which still have problems, by the way).

On Windows, I had two nice bluetooth headphones (one with a mike). One of them would kill the other one forcing me to have to reboot each time I wanted to use them. Today I just stick with a hardwired headphone.

Did you try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices ?

After a cold reboot the headphones were detected!

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