Blue Yeti (Recording)

Hello, I a am a person that loves to record game play, and do other commentary’s. I recently purchased a blue yeti. But the sound in the video playback, and skype calls have been awful. They sound like i am talking out of a Xbox 360 Kinect. Any tips and ideas to help me. I know this mic is very good and capable of wonderful sound.

Are you recording your Yeti? During a test recording, scratch with your fingernail around the Yeti grill. Then scratch around the keyboard and screen surround of your laptop. I bet the laptop wins.

Switch your computer and Audacity to record from the Yeti. You can use the Audacity menu bar for that.


Well I know i am Recordind my yeti. I tested that before. And the Yeti is the only Microphone working. I’m on a PC Desktop, And i don’t have a microphone in the pc. And the Yeti still sounds bad. Well compared to a Youtuber, or someone who always uses the yeti. Mine sounds really bad.

Post some of it.


When you start recording, does it sound bad right away, or does it get bad over time?

Have you turned off Windows Enhanced Services?

Do you shut down Skype completely, or do you leave it running in the background?

Are you using the microphone right? Are you speaking into the side of the microphone grill – into the Blue logo?

Are you on headphones?