Blue Yeti Problems

Ive had my blue yeti for about a year now, and I’ve been using the microphone’s playback feature with my ATH-M50’s plugged into the mic. It is nice because there is no delay for the playback and it does not mess with your speech. However, while messing around with some setting in the microphone properties, i accidentally enabled the windows feature “listen to this device” which disabled the built in microphone playback. When i turned off the “listen to the device” the built in playback did not turn back on. I cant figure out a way to re-enable it and it’s very useful as its very hard to talk since i cant hear myself while wearing my headphones. The “listen to this device” feature also has a slight delay, which messes with my speech, so i cant use that option. I would appreciate anyone who can try to help resolve my issue. Thank you.

Restart Audacity, then in the Device Toolbar ( set the playback device as the Blue Yeti (may just be listed as “USB”).

If the available devices change for any reason (such as enabling / disabling / attaching / removing), then for Audacity to be aware of the change it is necessary to either restart Audacity, or select “Rescan Audio Devices” from the “Transport” menu.