Blue yeti not recording omnidirectionally.

Hello, everyone! I just downloaded the latest version of Audacity today, and I am trying to use my silver Blue Yeti microphone to record some omnidirectional sounds. The only problem is that, when I speak into different sides of the mic, it doesn’t go from ear to ear or anything. It just stays in both headphones instead of, for example, going to the right one if I’m speaking into the right side of my mic. I have the settings on Audacity to record in stereo, but it still doesn’t pan the way I want it to.

Can someone please help me out so I don’t rip all my hair out? Thank you! :slight_smile:

“Omnidirectional” just means that it picks up sound from all around. It does not mean that it produces stereo. The sound from one single microphone is always mono. “Stereo microphones” contain two (or more) microphone capsules and produce separate signals for the left and right stereo channel recording (or “mid and side”, but that’s another story". “Omnidirectional” refers to the pick-up pattern, not the number of audio channels.

In Audacity you can make the sound from a mono recorded track come out from either the left, right or middle (equal left and right) by adjusting the track “Pan” control:

Somewhere recently was a posting from someone who said you needed ASIO software for Audacity to use the stereo tools inside a Yeti. It does have them, but it takes some effort to get them to work. Audacity doesn’t have natural support for ASIO although you can build your own Audacity program with ASIO inside.


Yeah, switch the Yeti to stereo.

…I didn’t know there was a “stereo problem” with the drivers.