Blue Yeti Microphone Creates High Pitch Noise

Hi there - I’m coming to this forum after looking for the answer to the top of the noise generated by the Blue Mic.

I haven’t found a solution yet and thought I would post to try to see if anyone has found a fix to this or has some thoughts.

Here is the noise I’m getting:

I’m using a Yeti Blue Mic on a boom stand. I’m using Audacity on my 3 year old mac book pro. I’ve tried the powered USB, unplugging my laptop, using a long and short USB cord to connect mic to computer. Nothing has worked. I’ve also tried using a newer computer to see if my computer was the issue and got the same issue.

Any help would be oh so helpful. I’m about ready to buy a new microphone if I can’t figure this out.

Thanks everyone!

Frying mosquitoes. Like this:

That’s rough to get rid of, but yours is low enough level to succumb to gentle noise removal.

When you do a Room Tone clip, include normal speaking. You can post ten seconds of mono WAV on the forum. Two seconds of hold your breath and don’t move at all and then speak in your normal announcing style. Scroll down to Upload Attachment.

What kills readers isn’t noise. It’s the inability to meet noise and the other two specifications at the same time.

I’ll see how I can make it sound with your voice.