Blue Yeti Mic, Aud 2.1.0, intermittent cuts in audio

Yesterday I recorded an hour of audio using my new Blue Yeti Mic and Audacity 2.1.0 on my MacBook Air.

When I sat down to edit it today, I found a problem. About 2-3 minutes into the recording, it sounds like someone went through the recording and made little cuts in the audio a couple times every minute. As you play it back it’s sounds as if it’s skipping, a few words at a time, each time you hear one of these jump cuts.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be causing this?

I had previously been recording audio of a similar length with Audacity using a usb connection to a sound board. I did not experience these kinds of problems. So I’m assuming it’s a problem with the settings for the settings related to the Blue Yeti.

Are the little cuts always in the same place? Like there’s always one at the beginning of the third sentence every time? Or do they wander?
If you’re conversant in Zooming, can you go in and actually see the little missing holes in the blue waves? This won’t work if they move around.