Blending wav files to make one song

Hi guys, I play guitar but can’t help but screwing up in long songs I know I need to practice more! But is it possible to record about 5 different riffs as wav files then blend them into one song?

I’ve watched a video to merge mp3 but it’s not quite what iam trying to do. I’ve saved two .wav files and I will open one but when I open the other it opens on a new page and I can’t copy it to the first one because it’s on the first page. How would I load about 5 .wav files and be able to put them in order to make a comple song? Thx for any help you can give!

I wouldn’t knw how to make a riff, but I record text books in Audio, and the more complex the text the more inclined I am to record each page as a separate WAV file. See this public domain text to get an idea. I have 136 one-page WAV files to date. I am typically assigned two dozen consecutive pages at a time to record. So two dozen separate WAV/FLAC files to glue together.

If that is similar to your process (generating, say, twelve songs and then making an albumn with the twelve songs separated by gaps), then you might be interested in my one-click assembly process. It had its first test today, so it is nearing completion.

If instead you are recording four different guitar parts and want to blend them into one track, as if you and three friends were playing together, then providing YOU can keep to the original beat, you could use the Assemble macro with just one line disabled.

Let me know.

Hi Chris, yes what iam trying is to record 4 different parts then merge them together. I was thinking on possibly playing these riffs in one long track instead of separate files then mabey I could possibly cut and edit the dead air in-between? I’m totally new to audacity and daws in general.ive looked for a video to do this but haven’t found any

You need someone better than me to use terms like “synchronization”, but in the meantime try running these commands from the keyboard (ignoring the COMMENTS):

Comment:_="This macro assembles three prepared FLAC files to a single FLAC file; pre/appends silences; exports as an MP3 file"
Comment:_="The specific preface "Preface.FLAC" is copied to our default "ChapterPreface.FLAC" by the BATch file
Comment:_="The specific chapter "SSPOV_001.FLAC" is copied to our default "Chapter.FLAC" by the BATch file
Comment:_="The specific suffix "Suffix.FLAC" is copied to our default "ChapterSuffix.FLAC" by the BATch file
Comment:_="Select all the tracks in the correct sequence for assembly"
Comment:_="Align the tracks chronologically in preparation for export"
Comment:_="Export the selected aligned assembly of tracks; this operation overwrites our transient file "macro-output\ChapterPreface.FLAC"
Comment:_="The three aligned tracks remain open. Close them"
Comment:_="Now re-open the overwritten transient file ..."
Comment:_="... and export it in the client's chosen format"

No guarantees, mind you.
First time through, executing command manually, do the “Align_EndToEnd:” just to see why I like it.
Next time through you will want to replace that command with something that aligns the tracks vertically (synchronizes them) rather than stringing them out. I need to glue my tracks end-to-end because they are pages of a chapter, or chapters of a book.

The macro is actually prepped by two DOS BATch files.
The outer batch file issues a DOS “FOR” loop for each chapter in a book (00,01,02,03 etc.)
The inner BATch file copies the appropriate set of FLAC/WAV files to common file names, which is why I have Audacity commands like


Talk to you tomorrow …

Use “File menu > Import > Audio” rather than “Open”.
You can import multiple files into the same project, each to its own track, then drag them (by the bar at the top of the audio clip) left / right so that they play at the correct time.

Sorry for the late response, Thanks guys, what I ended up doing was recording then stopping the record when I screwed up but then when I hit record again it started its own second track. I tried to merge but it said not enough space.

You tried to “merge” what? how?

So when I stopped recording then started again it created a second track I then tried to “pull” it to the left and into the first track at the very end where the first track stopped.

If you want to record to the same track, there’s a setting in Preferences.
See “Record on a new track” here:
When that option is not selected, Audacity will continue recording on the same track, so long as the number of recording channels matches.

(This option is off by default in current versions of Audacity, so I’m not sure why it is enabled in your version - possibly carried over from an old version.)

Thank you!