Blending tracks.

What is the best way to keep one track from bleeding into another track while you’re recording. I end up turning all the tracks almost completely down -(18) so the track I’m rcording on doesn’t pick up the bass or another track. I’d like a nice clean track while playing on one track while listening to the other tracks at there regular levels. Any help would be extremely useful to me. Thanks.

I am running windows 10 on a moukey MSc1 interface with audacity 2.4.2.

Could be your interface looping back the output from the computer back in, causing the bleed.
If that’s the case there will be a switch/knob on the interface to turn loopback off.

( I don’t think I’ve got enough life-expectancy to read the MSC1 manual: it’s 110 pages. :open_mouth: )

I’m running a cheap moukey interface , not this JBL professional by Harmon unit.
I tried to find a support # but only found an email form which I really have no interest in filling out for a half hour and getting back back more questions and no answers. lol.

Ensure that you have set the Device Toolbar to use the actual recording device and not “Microsoft Sound Mapper”.

Yes , I have it set for my USB device and not (realtek ) my default device. Or soundmapper.
It must be something with the device. I hooked up my behringer umc22 and it works fine.
Like you said, it’s probably just a switch somewhere. I’ll look into more tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.