blending 2 tracks - cross fade?

I try to “mix” the ending of track one with the beginning of track 2.
How can this be done?
I did the following: import track 1, import track 2. With the timeshift tool I made the end of track 1 overlap the beginning of track 2.
I thought that by selecting the overlap zone and choose “cross fade in” track 2 would gradually fade in, but both tracks did. So what is cross fade actually doing and what is the difference with the normal fade?

If this is not the correct way to make 2 soundfiles “crossfade” as if I were mixing them on a mixing console, which procedure should I follow?

I think that you will need to overlap the tracks as now - then select the fadeportion of track 1 and fade it out - then select the portion required of track 2 and fade it in. Audacity will mix the tracks into a “cross-fade” when you export - or if you play the two tracks.

IIRC some people have had problem s with crossfade, I thinks it may be a little buggy still. From mememory it is not really a crossfade - but a fade that is more gradual and less linear that the normal Fade in / Fade out.

For more control still over fade-shaping - you can use the envelope tool.


Thanks! Where can I find more info about the envelope control points?

Try this section of the Audacity manual: